Board Retreats

Board Retreat – Active

Board Retreat – Closed

Clinton Central

South Newton
South Central
New Castle
Northwestern (Howard)
Clinton Central
Twin Lakes

Budget preparation and analysis

We can help prepare budgets and train staff in budget preparation. Consultants are available to work short or long term to provide monthly budget information.

Budget Prep/Financial Assistance/Compensation Model – Active

Fremont Community Schools-BP

North Vermillion.vCSC - FA

Randolph Eastern School Corporation/BP 
Hanover Community School Corporation/FA
Carroll Consolidated Schools-FA
Muncie School Corporation- FA
North Judson- BP
Union School Corporation-BP

Knox Community School Corporation-Budget Review


Assistance/Budget Prep/Compensation Model – Closed


Eastbrook Community School Corporation-BP

North West Hendricks – FA, BP

Union School Corporation-BP
Attica Consolidated Schools-BP, FA
Caston Community Schools/FA
Blackford County Schools-FA, BP
Centerville-Abington – CM
Danville – FA
Delphi – CM
Knox – FA
Mooresville – CM
North Miami – FA
Oregon-Davis – FA
Rensselaer – FA
South Newton – CM
South Central – CM
New Castle – CM
Sunman-Dearborn – TA
Tri-County – CM
West Lafayette – FA
White River Valley – CM
Crown Point – FA
Hamilton County – FA
Triton – FA
Western Boone – FA
Eastern Hancock – FA
Elwood – CM
North White - BP
Southeast Fountain - FA
Rushville - FA
Covington - FA
Shelby Eastern - FA
Eminence - FA
Loogootee - FA
Frankfort – FA
Shelby Eastern - BP
Richland Bean Blossom - FA
South Spencer - FA
DeKalb County Central - FA
Muncie Community - FA
Shelby Eastern - FA
Spencer-Owen - FA
Shelby Eastern - BP
Blackford County-FA
School Town of Munster-FA
Union (Modoc)-FA
South Spencer-BP
Tipton Community School Corporation-FA
Warsaw Community Schools-FA
Fremont Community Schools-BP
Eastbrook, CSC- BP
Central Nine Career Center- BP
MSD of Martinsville- FA
Eastern Pulaski- FA
Fremont Community Schools-BP
Whitley County Schools-FA

Cast - Community and Schools Together

Accountability, transparency, referenda, and community support...some of the realities in this age of school choice. Yet few of us have the tools or time we need to deal with these realities to ensure that ours are the schools of choice. Administrator Assistance's CAST program may be your answer for both the tools and the time.
Clients include the following school corporation(s): Frankfort

Climate Audits

We facilitate a custom designed climate audit to help board or administrative teams determine the key climate features to enable a district to address understand and identify needs. Administrative Assistance can offer a full range of services from something as simple as the design of an audit instrument to fully carrying out the audit.
Climate Audit - Active
Clinton Central School Corporation
Climate Audit-Closed

West Lafayette School Corporation
Western School Corporation

Collaboration, Joint Services and Consolidation Studies

Working together with the accounting firm of H.J. Umbaugh & Associates, we will develop a consolidation/shared services plan and a cost/benefit analysis that will assist participating school corporations in determining the impact of any changes on the quality of education and the costs of education for the individual school corporations and the taxpayers within those corporations.
Clients include the following school corporations: Randolph Eastern, Randolph Southern, Randolph Central, Union (Modoc), Turkey Run, Southwest Parke, Rockville, Cowan, Daleville, Rochester, Caston, Tippecanoe Valley

Central Office Staff Training

Central Office Staff Training-Active

Hanover Community School Corporation

Southwestern Consolidated School Corporation-Treasurer

Tipton Community School Corporation - Business Office

Whitko Community School Corporation-Assist/Treasurer

Central Office Staff Training-Closed

Attica Consolidated Schools
Southmont Community School Corporation
Union School Corporation
Kokomo School Corporation
Muncie Community Schools
Attica School Corporation
Central Nine Career Center
Old National Trail
Hamilton Community Schools
Delphi Community School Corporation                                                                                                                                 
Whitley County Consolidated Schools

Consortium on Non-Tested Areas (Readiness Assessment & ECA's)

Districts Active

Northwestern Howard
Southeast Fountain


MSD of New Durham
School City of Mishawaka

Construction Consultation

We offer expertise in architect selection and other key construction personnel such as a financial consultant, clerk of the works and construction manage

Tri-County School Corporation


Maconaquah School Corporation
Eastbrook, CSC
Eastern Pulaski, CSC
Frontier School Corporation
Tri-County School Corporation

Extra Curricular Account Review


Linton-Stockton School Corporation

School Town of Speedway


South Adams

Lake Station Community Schools

Hanover Community School Corporation
Eastern Howard
Muncie Community Schools
Twin Lakes
Kankakee Valley
School Town of Speedway
Randolph Southern
School Town of Speedway
Union County/College Corner
Frontier School Corporation
Kankakee Valley School Corporation
Eastern Howard School Corporation

Grant Writing

Grant Writing – Closed

New Castle
MSD of Warren
South Central
Jennings County Schools

Human Resources/Media Consulting & Assessment

Services include: job review and overhaul; Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) classification; pay and benefit reviews; employee satisfaction surveys and exit interviews; employment law compliance audits; HR vendor assessment and selection.

Southern Hancock County
North West Hendricks School Corporation
Muncie School Corporation


Crown Point
Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation
Eastern Howard
North Central IN School Study Council
Randolph Southern
Carroll Consolidated School Corporation


IAPSS/AA Mentor Program


1.)  Karen Shuman - Bob Klitzman
2.)  Dan Hile - Wayne Stubbs
3.)  Jarrod Burns - Dr. Terry Sargent
4.)  Rolland Abraham - Cathy Stephens
5.)  Chris Winchell - Tom Austin
6.)  Annette Zupin - Wayne Stubbs
7.)  Laura Hammack - Steve Wittenauer
8.)  Matt Shoemaker - Steve Edwards

Instrument Creation For Evaluation Of Administrative Personnel

We work with school boards and superintendents to develop a meaningful evaluation instrument that stakeholders understand.

Teacher Evaluation Consulting/AA Evaluation Model/Superintendent Evaluation Model – Active

Franklin Monroe - Ohio
Anthony Wayne- Ohio
Versailles Exempted Community Schools
Preble County Education Service Center

Teacher Evaluation Consulting/AA Evaluation Model/Superintendent Evaluation Model – Closed
Centerville-Abington – AA Eval Model
Elwood – AA Eval Model
Franklin County – AA Eval Model
Mooresville – AA Eval Model
Nettle Creek – AA Eval Model
Northeastern Wayne – AA Eval Model
South Newton – AA Eval Model
South Central – AA Eval Model
Tri-County – AA Eval Model
Western Wayne – AA Eval Model
Jay County – TEC
MSD of Steuben County – TEC
North West Hendricks – TEC
Rockville – TEC
South Adams – TEC
West Clark – AA Eval Model
Benton – TEC
Attica - AA Eval Model
Darke County (Ohio)
Franklin Monroe District (Ohio)
Bloomfield - TEC
Northeast - TEC
Monroe Central – TEC
East Allen County Schools - Administrators

Interim Administrative Positions

We can provide short and long term administrators for these positions: school principals (all levels), athletic directors, business managers, superintendents.

Huntington County Community School Corporation, Interim Business Manager

Pioneer Regional School Corporation- Principal

North Lawrence School Corporation-Interim Vocational Director

Interims – Closed

Covington, CSC- Superintendent

North White Community Schools- Superintendent

Southeast Fountain Community Schools – Superintendent

MSD New Durham- Superintendent

Logansport Community Schools- Superintendent

LaPorte - Interim Superintendent

Clinton Central Community Schools – HS Principal

Frankfort – Superintendent
Elwood Community Schools – Superintendent
Southmont Community Schools – Superintendent
Marion Community Schools – HR Director
Eminence – Superintendent
Marion Community Schools – Elementary Principal
Delphi – HS Guidance Counselor
Wabash Valley Educational Center - Director
Taylor Community Schools - Superintendent
Eastern Pulaski - Financial Adviser
M.S.D. of Martinsville - Superintendent
Tri-County - H.S. Principal
Delphi - Superintendent
Argos - Superintendent
Caston - Interim/High School Principal
Logansport Community School Corporation - Asst. Elementary Principal
Elwood Community School Corporation - Interim Superintendent
Sunman-Dearborn - Interim Superintendent
Southeastern-Interim Superintendent
North Newton - High School Principal
North Vermillion - Interim Superintendent
Madison-Grant-Interim Superintendent
Frontier School Corporation-Interim Superintendent
Fremont Community Schools-Interim Superintendent
Madison-Grant-Asst. to the Superintendent
Blackford County Schools-Interim Business Manager
MSD of Martinsville- FA
Carroll Consolidated Schools-Interim Superintendent
Clinton Central Community School Corporation-Interim Third Grade Teacher
Whitley County Consolidated Schools-Interim Business Manager
Blackford County Schools-Interim Business Manager

Clinton Central Community School Corporation-Interim Elementary Principal

Leadership Academy

AA is proud to introduce the new Leadership Academies. The LA is a series of courses to help teachers become sought after administrators. The Academy will also help present administrators become excellent superintendents. Academy classes and mentor activities count toward IDOE Professional Growth Points (PGPs) for license renewal.

Districts Active

Districts Closed

Carroll Community School Corporation
Tri-County Community Schools

Referendum Assistance

We will provide school corporations with assistance in the planning and preparation for the referendum requirements imposed by House enrolled Act 1001. To help assure accuracy and understanding by the public, we will be assisted by the accounting firm of H.J. Umbaugh & Associates in developing accurate financial information necessary for a referendum campaign.

Special Education

Southwest Parke, North Central Parke, Covington, MSD of Warren County, Attica, North Vermillion, Southeast Fountain, Crawfordsville, North Montgomery, North Central Parke

Special Education Analysis

Special Education Analysis – Active

Special Education Analysis - Closed

North Vermillion
Southeast Fountain
MSD of Warren County
North Central Parke

Special Projects Consultation

We provide consulting, research, group facilitation, data analysis, and leadership of special projects created by the demands of today's educational environment. We will provide assistance with AYP compliance plans, school and district improvement planning, and many other related curriculum study projects.

Special Projects - Active

Union School Corporation

Shoals Community School Corporation

Muncie School Corporation

North Vermillion, CSC
New Castle Community School Corporation
Fremont Community Schools

East Allen County School Corporation


Special Projects-Closed

South Montgomery, CSC

Griffith Public School Corporation

Clinton Central School Corporation
Springs Valley, CSC
Northwestern (Howard)
Randolph Southern
Randolph Central
Union (Modoc)
West Lafayette
Indiana Department of Education
South Spencer
Kokomo School Corporation
School Town of Munster
Schools City of East Chicago
Marion Community Schools
West Lafayette School Corporation
Union (Modoc)
South Montgomery
North Newton
Northeast Dubois
Indianapolis Public Schools
Warsaw, CSC
Central Nine Career Center
Madison Grant United School Corporation
Clinton Central School Corporation
Washington Community Schools
Carroll Community School Corporation

Strategic Planning

We have numerous consultants to facilitate a board or administrative team through the entire strategic planning process.
Strategic Planning – Active

Strategic Planning – Closed

Tippecanoe Valley
South Spencer, CSC
North White School Corporation
Northeast School Corporation


Superintendent Search

Superintendent Search – Active

Tri County School Corporation

Superintendent Search – Closed

Central Noble
Southeast Fountain
Clinton Central
Taylor Community Schools
Lake Station
Northeastern Wayne
Benton Community
Rising Sun
Delphi, CSC
North Vermillion, CSC
Frontier School Corporation
MDS of Martinsville

Teacher And Administrator Evaluation Program

AA is pleased to be working with districts providing trained evaluators to come into a district and provide the teacher evaluation that is required by state law. Contact Steve with questions on how AA can help you with your yearly evaluation of certificated staff.

Teacher & Admin Evaluation Program-Active

West Central School Corporation
North Lawrence Community School Corporation


Northeast Sullivan
East Allen County Schools - Administrators
Indianapolis Public Schools
Versailles Exempted Community Schools (Ohio) - Teachers
Darke County ESC (Ohio) - Teachers
Franklin-Monroe (Ohio) - Teachers
Preble County (Ohio) - Teachers

Transportation Consultant

The goal of the pupil transportation consultant is to help school administrators and boards better understand and manage their pupil transportation program.

Clients include the following school corporation(s):

Transportation Cost Study

Transportation Cost Study-Active


Transportation Cost Study-Closed

Hanover Community School Corporation

Whitley County Consolidated Schools



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