kristastumpMrs. Krista Stump

Retired Teacher and Elementary Principal


Krista Stump has worked as an elementary school principal in Darke County at Greenville City Schools and Ansonia Local Schools for 14 years.  She had the responsibility to bring together staff from five buildings and unite them after the district closed two buildings and turned her K-5 building (400 students – 30 staff) into a K-2 building for the district (600 students – 60 staff).  Prior to being a building principal she taught first grade, third grade, kindergarten and subbing totaling 18 years.  She claims early literacy as an area of expertise.   Since retirement she was asked to be on the founding board for a group called Empowering Darke County Youth, which provides free after school tutoring for needy students.  Krista has also become a mentor at her church for the Mom’s Group.  This past year she worked for Administrator Assistance doing elementary teacher evaluations for a local school district.  Krista and her husband live on their farm and enjoy visits from their two adult children and two grandchildren.

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