Our Philosophy

Administrator Assistance has been developed to provide assessments, solutions and guidance to schools in their day to day operations through a network of successful, retired school administrators.

Our Story

Administrator Assistance was launched in 2007 by two colleagues who understood the challenges that face modern public education including sound stewardship of tax dollars.

They've built a team of retired school administrators with expertise in a variety of areas, a continuing passion for education, and the time to spend guiding schools to the solutions to some of their most daunting problems.

Administrator Assistance can guide any school corporation through the muddy waters of referendum assistance, budget preparation, human resources assessments, feasibility studies, and so much more. And all without breaking the bank.

New Initiative

Indiana Assessment and Evaluation Consortium for Nontested K-12 Subjects.

AA and a consortium of districts are pleased to announce a tremendous resource to schools.  It is a large library of assessments, along with training and support for interested districts in joining this consortium. The web address for more information is www.indianareadiness.com .

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